Registration FAQs


How much does New Wineskins 2019 cost?
Conference cost varies depending on your age, scholarship type, when you arrive, and what room type you select.  See the Pricing page for specific details.

Having problems registering for New Wineskins? Try refreshing your browser, then fill out the form without using any auto-fill. Also, make sure to put US in the country code if you are in America. Otherwise, if you continue to have trouble, call us at 336-684-4330.

Having problems booking housing and meals? Are your room prices at checkout significantly more than the prices on the Choose Your Room page?
All housing and meals are booked directly with Ridgecrest. Their staff are friendly and readily available to book over the phone or answer any of your questions. You can reach them by calling 1-800-588-7222 or emailing
When booking online, if you want to view a room without adding it to your itinerary, click on “View room details” underneath the description. If your total is different than shown on the “Choose Your Room” detail page, there are likely several rooms added to your itinerary while you were browsing. This can be fixed by going to the tab that says “confirm your stay” and under the picture of the room there are two options, edit room or remove room. Scroll all the way down the page and remove all extra rooms. If there continues to be problems please call Ridgecrest at 1-800-588-7222.

Why should I register early?
There are different room options at different prices at Ridgecrest. Register early to lock in your preferred room type because supply is limited.  Call Ridgecrest (1-800-588-7222) or go online here to book your meals and housing.

What forms of payment are accepted for the Conference?
Register online to pay with debit or credit card.  If you need to pay for a group by check, or pay internationally via Western Union, please email us.

Can I bring my children to New Wineskins 2019?
Yes!  Families need only pay for their first two children.  Your third child and beyond are free! Be sure to click the correct registration type when you register for New Wineskins.  Children of seminarians, full-time missionaries, and church planters are all free.

Do you provide childcare?
We do not provide childcare; however, we do provide children’s programming for children up to 13 years of age during morning, afternoon, and evening sessions.

What is Re:mix?
Re:mix is our youth conference that runs parallel to New Wineskins.  All youth ages 14-18 are encouraged to attend and engage in dynamic worship and hear from speakers on mission.  You must register your youth separately through the Re:mix website.

What if I want to come early for a day of rest or pre-conference?
Wonderful!  We’d love for you to come early.  Check out the Pre-conferences page to decide what to focus on and who to contact about the pre-conference. Be sure to register your pre-conference space directly with the organizers.  Also, be sure that when you book your housing and meals with Ridgecrest you tell them you are arriving a day early for New Wineskins. You will receive our negotiated room rate for your entire stay.

How do I get to Ridgecrest?
For all questions related to travel, please visit our Travel page.  Also, check out our Carpooling page to see if you can drive with others!

How do I obtain a ‘letter of invitation’ for visa purposes?
If you are an international guest, please email us to request a letter of invitation for your visa.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
You can cancel your New Wineskins 2019 registration with us any time up to Sept. 15th, 2019 for a $50/person cancellation fee.  After Sept. 15th, 2019, we cannot provide refunds.

How can I donate to the scholarship fund for emerging global leaders?
To donate to the scholarship fund to help emerging global leaders attend New Wineskins 2019, please go to our website to make a donation.  For ‘Give to’ be sure to check ‘New Wineskins ’19 Scholarship Fund’.

Who is eligible for the emerging global leaders scholarship?
We hope to scholarship a number of emerging global leaders to attend the New Wineskins 2019 Conference.  If you would like to recommend yourself or others to receive this scholarship, please contact us.