From Status Quo to Healthy Mission Mobilization

The Singapore Story, an inspiration to Anglican Dioceses and Parishes everywhere

Hosted by: The Board of Foreign Missions of the Reformed Episcopal Church (a founding jurisdiction of ACNA and a full Church Member of Anglican Global Mission Partners)

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 Pre-Conference is open to all—You do not have to be Reformed Episcopalian (REC) to attend. 

When: Wednesday evening, September 25 to Thursday afternoon, September 26, 2019

Where: Ridgecrest Conference Center (Ridgecrest NC) Room: Ivy 10 

Cost: Free, but you must register for the New Wineskins Conference

Description: The transformation of the Diocese of Singapore from simply maintaining the Anglican ministry in that Island-Nation to planting and developing future dioceses in six surrounding countries is a story that can inspire Anglican dioceses and parishes in North America. The REC welcomes Canon Yee Ching Wah, Singapore Director of Missions and veteran missionary to Thailand, and Archdeacon Wong Tak Meng, former Dean of the Mission Deanery of Cambodia, who will tell their story. REC current and former missionaries and short-termers will be present. 

Reasons to attend:
1. Discover how one Anglican Diocese and its parishes:

·       Opened their eyes to mission

·       Mobilized their resources

·       Empowered clergy in mission leadership

·       Involved parishes in mission activity

·       Developed effective mission training
And continue to do all these things with boldness and effectiveness today!

2. Meet current and former missionaries and short-termers who partner with overseas Anglican Churches.

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Wednesday Night Dinner at Ridgecrest: We’ll seek to eat together in the dining hall from 5:30-6:30. Pick up a tray and your food first, then look for us in the dining hall. 

Note: Be sure to add Wednesday night’s housing and the extra meals for this pre-conference to your Ridgecrest reservation for the New Wineskins Conference.