healing as mission


Hosted & Led by:

Rev. Joseph K. Acton - National Director, Order of St. Luke's
Rev. Mike Flynn - Founder and Director of Fresh Wind Ministries in CA
Rev. Sue Hardman - Healing Prayer Pastor at Truro Anglican Church, Fairfax, VA
Rev. John Hervey, Frontiers
Rev. Dr. Sharon L. Lewis - Founder and Director of Amazing Love Healing Ministry
Rev. Clancy Nixon - Sr. Pastor, Church of the Holy Spirit, Leesburg, VA (Anglican)
Dr. Glen Petta - Executive Director of SOMA (Sharing Other Ministries Abroad)

When: Thursday, Sept. 26: 8:30am – 3:00pm  

Where: Ridgecrest Room: Dogwood 1 B&C

How much? Free

Description: Healing the sick, casting out demons and proclaiming the Kingdom of God was a large part of Jesus’ ministry. It was also what he trained his disciples to do, not only locally, but also when he sent them out two by two into cross-cultural mission fields. As believers, just like those first missionary disciples, we can access the supernatural power of God to heal, save, and transform the mind, body and soul by the power of the Holy Spirit. Healing brings freedom and renewal of life to the hurting, the sick, and the oppressed, and gives God glory as we share our testimonies with others.

This pre-conference aims to help everyone learn how to pray for healing in various ways, and to experience praying for others and receiving prayer for healing as well.

Sessions will include:

  • Biblical foundation for healing and its place in the life of the church and every believer

  • Different healing prayer models for different situations and circumstances

  • Teaching on and prayer for physical healing, inner-healing, spiritual warfare, and deliverance

  • Resources and further training for equipping your churches in healing prayer will be shared.

Wednesday Night Dinner at Ridgecrest: Our group will eat together on Wednesday night in the dining hall from 5:30-6:30 so we can get to know one another.

Note: Be sure to add the extra night’s housing and additional meals to your Ridgecrest reservation.

Register by: Emailing Sue Hardman.