Children’s Program

One thing that makes New Wineskins unique is that we minister to the whole family.
Age appropriate missional programs will be offered during morning, afternoon and evening sessions.
Our children’s program (ages 0-13-year-olds) will include variety of different children’s curriculums focused on mission that will engage the hearts and minds of our youngest among us.

If you feel called to be part of our teaching or volunteer team working with the children,
please contact us by email.

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Young Adults’ Program

REMIX is the student missions conference that runs alongside New Wineskins. It’s co-hosted by
Rock The World Youth Mission Alliance and the Young Anglicans Project.
REMIX runs from Friday night, Sept. 27 through Sunday noon, Sept. 29, 2019
for young adults aged 14-22.

REMIX attendees have the benefit of their own program and activities as well as full access to attend anything going on at the New Wineskins conference. There are also times when we’ll all be together!

REMIX attendees will register through Rock The World, not New Wineskins, for their conference fees as well as for housing and meals at Ridgecrest. Whether you come with your youth group, on your own or with your family, RE:MIX will rock your world and prepare you to find the mission fields into which God is calling you!

Click on the REMIX logo below for more information and to register for REMIX 2019.