missionary care

Caring for our Missionaries: Prayer, Partnership and Prevention of Burnout and Attrition

Hosted & Led By: 

Katherine Doster, providing missionary care for Navigators
Susan Higgins, Member Care Coordinator, Global Teams
Andrew & Janet Kerr, Emmaus Encounter (working with AFM and others)
Sara Lee, Regional Coordinator, Global Member Care Team
Sharon Miller, AFM Missionary in Europe
Yvonne North, Member Care Coordinator, Global Teams
The Rev. Ardath Smith, Spiritual Director, Novo SentWell and Hineni House

When:  Thursday, September 26, 9am - 3pm

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Where:  Ridgecrest Room: Ivy 2

Cost:  Free

Description:  Burnout and attrition are growing threats targeting our missionary forces in all parts of the world.  Stress on the mission field has been compared to levels experienced by soldiers in combat—2-3 times greater than the stress of “normal” life in the U.S.  In addition, studies investigating missionary burnout reveal an alarming rate of at least 5,000 missionaries leaving the field each year unnecessarily due to excessive stress-related issues. 

Over the last 20 years, research has consistently pointed to good missionary care as the best means for preventing unnecessary attrition.   This Mission Critical Pre-conference is for missionaries, sending parishes, and agencies, and will:

  • provide a candid presentation of personal, family, social and ministry-related issues that afflict missionaries, 

  • inform on steps that can be taken to sufficiently assess, anticipate and respond to debilitating risks in missionary service,

  • equip you (whether you are a missionary or a missionary sender) with tools to maintain health and help prevent and/or overcome some of the problems that lead to unnecessary attrition,

  • give parishes helpful and practical ways to pray for, partner with and stay connected to the missionaries you support, and

  • lay the foundation for building a resource network for missionary care.

Register by emailing Yvonne North. (Please indicate “Missionary Care Pre-conference” in the subject line.)

Wednesday Night Dinner at Ridgecrest: Our group will eat together on Wednesday night in the dining hall from 5:30-6:30 to get to know one another.

Note:  Since this pre-conference starts Thursday morning, it will be necessary to add an extra night’s housing and meals to your Ridgecrest reservation.

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