Moving your parish from maintenance to mission - together


Hosted and Led by: The Rev. Canon Mark Eldredge, Director of Church Revitalization and Coaching, The American Anglican Council

When: Thursday, Sept. 26: 9am – 3:00pm  

Where: Ridgecrest Room: Ivy 5

How much? Free

Description: The time of Christiandom in North America is over and therefore local churches must learn to be missional churches, reaching their local communities with the Gospel if they want to survive and thrive. Each congregation must be about both Global and Local missions.

If your congregation is in maintenance or in decline, there is hope for your church. In “Moving Your Church From Maintenance to Mission,” you will learn both Biblical Principles and Practical Strategies that, if applied, will lead your church to a new season of health and growth.  Come, learn, and be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission in your own backyard.

Sessions will include topics like:

1.    There is no Revitalization without Renewal.

2.    There must be a Core Conviction for The Great Commission.

3.    There must be a Clear, Specific, Doable Vision.

4.    There must be more focus on Church Health than Church Growth.

5.    There is no Revitalization without Pain.

Wednesday Night Dinner at Ridgecrest: Our group will eat together on Wednesday night in the dining hall from 5:30-6:30 so plan to add that meal to your Ridgecrest reservation when you make your housing and meal plans.

Note: Be sure to add the extra night’s housing and additional meals to your Ridgecrest reservation.

Register for this pre-conference here. Deadline to register is Sept. 15, 2019.