REaching Millennials Now

How We Reached 4,000 Millennials WITHOUT Watering Down the Gospel

Discover the 3 Critical Shifts we made to reach & retain over 4,000 Millennials in the last decade. Get clarity on how Millennials think, and you’ll gain a newfound sense of confidence to initiate spiritual conversations & create ministry environments they flock to…AND do all this without watering down the gospel. Leave with your own “Reach Millennials Now” action plan to start reaching more millennials this month!

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When: Thursday, Sept. 26: 9am – 12:00pm  

Where: Ridgecrest Room - Dogwood 2A&B

How much? Free for New Wineskins Attendees. $25 for all others.

Note: Be sure to add the extra night’s housing and meals to your Ridgecrest reservation or call Ridgecrest at 1-800-588-7222 to obtain a Commuter’s Day Pass and purchase your meal tickets.


Sessions will include topics like:

  • 5 New Values Shaping the Millennials Approach to Faith & Life

  • 3 Shifts We Made to Reach & Retain 4,000 Millennials 

  • Design Your Own “Reach Millennials Now” Action Plan to Start Reaching Them This Month!

  • LIVE Q & A 

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Presenter: James Chambers is the President of A Faith That Overflows Int’l & creator of - a coaching community equipping leaders how to grow their ministries to the Millennial generation. He is the author of the 12-lesson video course: How We Reached 4,000 Millennials without Watering Down the Gospel.

Social: @JamesChambersIV

Email: James Chambers

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