united adoration songwriting retreaT


Hosted by: United Adoration: A Partner in GAFCON's Global Mission Network

When: Wednesday, Sept. 25: 1pm through Thursday, Sept. 26: 4:00pm

Where: Ridgecrest Room: Rutland Chapel

How much? Free

Who are We? United Adoration is a movement within GAFCON's global mission network. We have hosted songwriting retreats on four continents to help empower local congregations to sing their song, tell their story, and move forward in their mission. We believe worship is powerful and that the Holy Spirit releases songs to his people all over the world. For more information about us, visit United Adoration and feel free to read our blog on GAFCON's website United Adoration - Gafcon has a Song to Sing!

Description: Our retreats are truly meant to be retreats. It's not a "how-to" training so much as it is a sacred space for artists to commune with God, collaborate with others, and create new worship music. Our retreat will be a rhythm of worship, prayer, songwriting, eating together, and song-sharing feedback. The goal is to be refreshed, and encouraged, give ourselves time to create (which artists aren't always good at doing) and meet others. A full schedule is linked on the UA website.

Who can attend: Anyone. Although there will not be formal "teaching" on how to write a song, plenty of experienced songwriters will be happy to give encouragement and feedback for any work in progress. We have had first-time writers up to professionals attend, 6-year-olds to 70-year-olds, poets, wordsmiths and musicians. Many people that have written their first worship song at a UA retreat!

Preparation: We will have some material for you to interact with (prayers, liturgy, bible verses, poems) that will help jumpstart your creative process. You don't need to bring anything pre-written to the retreat, but of course, if you are working on something and desire some collaborative help, feel free to bring it. If you are a musician, feel free to bring the instrument you write best with.


  1. Register on the UA website (no charge)

  2. You must also register separately for New Wineskins conference here.

  3. Be sure to add the appropriate housing and meals to your Ridgecrest reservation.