Meet a Plenary Speaker: Stacy Kramer

The heartbeat of the New Wineskins Missionary Network is to empower and equip every Anglican for world mission. How do we do that? Well, we do that in a lot of ways. At the New Wineskins Conference, one way we empower and equip is through main plenary sessions full of gifted speakers who are engaged in world-changing missions around the world. We have an amazing line up of speakers and we are thrilled that Jerry and Stacy Kramer will be two of them. Below is a brief interview for you to get to know Stacy a little bit before September!

  1. Tell us about yourself. Where do you live, work, and serve in global mission?

    Hi! We are Jerry and Stacy of Love for the Least, which means we serve least reached areas, orphans, widows, refugees, and the unborn. We live and work in Ira* where we mostly serve the refugees and IDPs in camps and some in villages. We also serve a team in Zanzibar and support two orphanages in Tanzania, Samaritan Village and Hope House. We serve in Makonge Village, Kenya, where we have one orphanage and two churches, Bethany Village Children’s Organization, and one school, Fr. Jerry Academy.

  2. Can you give us a 2-3 sentence snippet of what you will be speaking on at New Wineskins 2019?

    SIGNS AND WONDERS through the Holy Spirit! I’ll be speaking on how the Holy Spirit is moving in our region and the recent signs and wonders we’ve seen that have led to many salvations. All we need is the Holy Spirit and a mustard seed of faith! We also depend on the Holy Spirit for the new believers growth. We use the Bible and 7 Questions, or discovery groups. Jerry will be talking about global Disciple Making Movements; what God is doing all across the planet right now among the previously least reached.

  3. What is your prayer for New Wineskins 2019?

    That God would be glorified in our love, obedience and passion for the Great Commission. That we would be ignited in prayer and fasting for the unengaged and unreached people groups.

  4. What does the theme “Better Together” mean to you?

    What do you call a sheep by himself? Dinner! We are better together, stronger together, safer together. In groups we learn faster, retain more, have higher accountability, and do more than the individual. Better Together means the Body of Christ working together as senders, goers, sustainers, and prayers!

Stephenie Van Wagenen