Over 20 Pre-conferences Are Happening Before New Wineskins Even Starts!

Why come early to attend a pre-conference?

To go deeper. Many people have already discerned that God is calling them to a specific area of mission or have had their hearts broken for a particular group.  Attending a pre-conference can take you from being interested in mission to being actively involved! “Can I just attend a pre-conference?” we’re often asked. Yes, but why would you not want to benefit from the full impact of the New Wineskins Global Mission Conference! However, if you can’t attend the conference, coming down just for the advanced training of a pre-conference is the next best thing!

How to Register:

You can register for any of these pre-conferences for free by clicking on the topic of your choice at https://newwineskinsconference.org/preconferences and following the instructions on the landing pages about registering for that specific pre-conference. Scroll to the end of this page for a complete list of all the pre-conferences. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to dive deeper into Kingdom ministry!

All these events take place at Ridgecrest Conference Center. Contact Ridgecrest directly at 1-800-588-7222 to make housing and meal reservations.

Registration for the New Wineskins Conference, Sept. 26-29, is open until the week before the conference, but a late registration fee kicks in on Sept. 9. Go to https://newwineskinsconference.org/ for all the details. We hope you are planning to attend.

If you are interested, please contact us about being a volunteer!

Complete List of Pre-Conferences:

  • Reaching Muslims

  • Reaching Hindus

  • Reaching College Students

  • Reaching Millennials

  • International Student Ministry

  • Unreached People Groups

  • Refugees & Immigrants

  • Always Forward Church Planting

  • United Adoration

  • ACNA Communications Workshop

  • Moving Your Parish from Maintenance to Mission

  • From Status Quo to Healthy Mission Mobilization

  • Praying for the Nations

  • Discerning a Long-term Missionary Call

  • Missionary Care

  • Third Culture Kids

  • Healing As Mission

  • Persecuted Church

  • Business As Mission

  • The Arts In Mission

  • Global Theological Education

  • South East Asia Symposium IV (post-conference)

Hannah Umhau