MAIN Speakers

Archbishop Foley Beach - color.jpg

The Most Rev. Foley Beach

Archbishop, Anglican Church in North America
& Chairman of GAFCON

Archbishop-Benjamin-Kwashi -color.jpg

The most rev. Benjamin Kwashi

Archbishop, Diocese of Jos, Nigeria & General Secretary of GAFCON

Simon Guillebaud.JPG

Mr. Simon Guillebaud

Missionary to Burundi with Great Lakes Outreach (GLO), Author of More Than Conquerors & Dangerously Alive


Rev. Canon Dr. Moses Bushendich

International Director, CMS-Africa, Priest in the Anglican Church of Uganda


Mr. Jason Mandryk

Co-Director and Co-Editor of Operation World

Molly Wall - color.jpg


Co-Director & Co-Editor of Operation World;
Advising Editor of Pray for the World

Chris Royer headshot.jpg

The Rev. Chris Royer

Executive Director of Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM)

The Rev. Tad de Bordenave.jpeg

The Rev. Tad de Bordenave

Founder of Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM)

Mr. Dominic Sputo

Founder of LumenLife, Author of Heirloom Love: Authentic Christianity in an Age of Persecution

Erin Clifford.jpg

The Rev. erin clifford

Director of Spiritual and Missional Formation,
Fuller Theological Seminary

Bp. Dhiloraj Ranjit Canagasabey.JPG

The most rev. Dhiloraj Canagasabey

Archbishop, Ceylon/Sri Lanka & Bishop of Colombo

Bp. Raphael & Michelle Samuel.jpg

The Rt. Rev. Raphael Samuel & Mrs. Michelle Hock Sim

Bishop and wife, Diocese of Bolivia

miguel uchoa.jpg

The Most Rev. Miguel Uchoa

Archbishop, Gafcon Province of Brazil


The Rev. Jerry & Mrs. Stacy Kramer

Missionaries to N. Iraq, Kenya, & Tanzania with Love for the Least


MR. David Garrison

Executive Director, Global Gates &
Author of A Wind in the House of Islam

Introducing MAP Talks!

(Mission Awareness Presentations)

MAP Talks will replace our traditional workshops allowing you to hear more testimonies and receive more training and inspiration from missionaries and mission-engaged leaders from around the world. The MAP Talk format will be 15 minutes of presentation, followed by 15 minutes of discussion, then you’ll have 20 minutes to get to your next MAP Talk choice or stay put to engage more personally with the presenter.

MAP Talks will be offered on Friday and Saturday afternoons. You can choose 4 from over 60 topics each day for a total of 8 different MAP Talks. Or you can attend a MAP Talk and then head straight to the exhibit hall or the book table to begin to take your first next steps in mission on that topic!

Introducing Pre-Conferences!

We are exciting to be launching pre-conferences for the first time. Check out our 22 pre-conferences and consider coming early!