One way to promote New Wineskins at your church!

“My wife, Carol, and I have attended each New Wineskins since 2007. Each year we have encouraged other members from our church, Christ Church Anglican, to join us. One year 18 of us traveled to Ridgecrest for the conference. When I learned that our church leadership was busy planning this year’s parish weekend, I thought this was the year to get many more of our congregation to New Wineskins…”

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Victoria Hassell
Why Bring A Team To New Wineskins?

Listen to Jenny Noyes, Executive Director of New Wineskins Missionary Network, explain all about what you can expect from the New Wineskins conference and why it’s best to bring a team and come early to maximize your experience!

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Jenny Noyes
Conference Press Release

February 7, 2019 – New Wineskins Missionary Network, the first Anglican mission society in North America, is setting the stage for their ninth global mission conference, scheduled for Sept. 26-29 at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Black Mountain, NC.  The New Wineskins Conference is the largest Anglican missions conference in North America…

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Stephenie Van Wagenen
Come Away with Me and Rest

Many of you know my oldest daughter, Kelly, who has some intellectual disabilities, but is as sweet as honey. She turned 29 this summer (how can this be!) but to this day she is the best “rester” I know. Often when I’m on mission travel, I’ll call home and talk to Kelly and ask her, “What did you do today?” She’ll reply in her sweet, soft voice, “I rested.”…

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